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Voyance Insights’ Google AdWords Management approach provides a clearly measurable platform from the click through to the sale which means we are highly accountable for how your AdWords performs. Our goal is to help you increase your bottom line through developing targeted campaigns that drives qualified traffic to your website, which in turn drives new, engaged customers to your business.

So What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is a range of networks that allows businesses to advertise their brand, products and services by displaying highly targeted ads to potential customers. Whether your target audience is within a few kilometres, global or somewhere in between, Google AdWords allows you to reach the right people at the right time.


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How Voyance Makes The Most of Google AdWords

At Voyance Insights we focus our marketing efforts on maximising your Return on Investment. We use real revenue from your CRM or accounting software to give you an actual ROI and give you clarity into the true effectiveness of your Google AdWords marketing.

Our tracking systems allow us to track your leads and sales in real time, which enables us to continually optimise your AdWords account at any time with data that is up to date. This means that our AdWords specialists are effective in removing wasted spend & engage more of their time looking for new opportunities to help your marketing grow.

Your AdWords account is also full integrated with our reporting software so you have a clear overview of your marketing performance, including clicks, cost, leads, sales and revenue in real time.


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A Recent AdWords Case Study

Prior to working with Voyance, Bar Fridges Australia was struggling to understand what previous agencies had done for their business. They were unable to attribute what work was being completed or the return they were getting from their marketing, which meant they were flying blind with their marketing.

For the past 3 years Voyance has worked with the team at Bar Fridges Australia, building a relationship that has transformed their business. Voyance helped develop marketing and business strategies that reflected their strengths, whilst improving their deficiencies, leading to an increase in overall sales and revenue.

Bar Fridges Australia now have clarity into what their marketing is achieving through customised real-time dashboards, a communication platform that demonstrates completed and future work. Call tracking has also been implemented which enables the business to know where calls are coming from, as well as analysing sales processes to improve customer service and sales conversions.

NOTE: Voyance Insights took over AdWords Management in Q4 2014

As a result, revenue has more than doubled, whilst return on ad spend has also increased, representing a stunning improvement in all round business and marketing efficiencies. The team at Voyance Insights and Bar Fridges Australia are now looking forward to establishing further improvements for their business through better workflows and business processes.

Transaction Rate
Yearly Revenue
Return On Ad Spend

How Does It Work?

Month #1: Benchmark

We start off by implementing all of our tracking. Then following 2 weeks of accruing data we are able to benchmark your current cost per lead.

Month #2: Implementation

This is where we implement our previously discussed strategy to reduce your cost per lead and commence accruing data.

Month #3: Analysis

Here’s where we do some deep analysis of a wide array of metrics including listening to all of your phone calls and really understanding your prospects and what’s driving them.

Month #4: Judgement

This is where we re-optimise your campaign based off our deep analysis and overall lower your cost per lead.

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“The value that we have achieved with Voyance is across a whole range of areas. First and foremost being able to access more clients than we were previously… Through social through paid advertising, not wasting money that we were otherwise wasting. The biggest value is then that transparency when it comes into our business and the visibility of what is converting once it comes through the door that we previously didn’t have.”

– Ben Reid, Managing Director – Ian Reid Vendor Advocates

“They have been able to resolve our issues promptly and in a lot of cases give us suggestions for things we hadn’t even thought of doing… We have been with Voyance for over 6 months and in that time our new student numbers have increased threefold.”

– Rebecca Redfern,  Director – Monash Training & Professional Development

“We have probably used, in SEO and that type of thing, over 25 different companies over 15 years. The last three years has been with Voyance and it is the clearest things have been… we find that it is a trusting relationship, emails are always quick, everything’s open book so we always know what’s going on exactly.. we know where we are heading.”

– Cory Allan, Owner – Bar Fridges Australia

“Over a 6 month period, Voyance have delivered exactly what they set out to achieve for us and more such as increase in clicks by 60%, phone calls and emails have increased by 98% and AdWords spend decreased by 25%”

– Ken Rochow & Angela Quigg, Co-Owners, Titan Access & Security

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