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1. Everything is Measurable.
2. Return on Investment (ROI).
3. Return on Energy (ROE).
4. Make Money.

It’s tough out there for businesses. You have a limited marketing budget, and that money must perform for you to survive.

Perfected for
businesses of all sizes

We believe that all businesses face enough challenges without having to wonder what their marketing budgets are actually generating.

That’s why Voyance Insights has perfected their digital marketing product to be able to:

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  • Target realistic and profitable market share objectives

  • Optimise advertising campaigns against the best cost per lead and cost per acquisition benchmarks a business can achieve

  • Provide 100% transparency on what work Voyance is doing, what the marketing campaigns are doing and what the customers are doing

  • Provide a set price for the management of your digital marketing campaigns

  • Supply real-time updates on advertising ROI

Welcome to the Digital Marketplace

No matter what business you're in or what product you sell, choosing the correct advertising channel can be the difference between success and failure. At Voyance Insights, we have the capability to support messaging in any digital medium.

And we can also help you identify where you should invest your time and money.

Google Ads

It’s a mistake to think that Google only cares about how much you spend when they ‘decide’ if your ad gets into the top spots for relevant Search Terms.

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Bing Ads

Bing represents 10% of potential market share and a cheap advertising option. With how tough it is to be seen and heard in the marketplace today, it’s dangerous to ignore such a big segment of potential customers.

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If you have the right kind of product or service for Facebook advertising, then you should be able to utilise that marketing channel without having to wonder what your budgets are actually generating.

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Most consumers have a path to purchase while they research what they want to buy. Can you afford to pay for advertising to them but not get the sale?

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What if you could target specific people with YouTube ads even if they haven’t seen your Google advertisements before or clicked through to your website?

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“We have probably used in SEO and that type of thing, 25 different companies over 15 years. Over the last 3 years it has been with Voyance and it has been the clearest things have been… With Voyance we have found that it is a very trusting relationship. Emails are always quick, everything is open book so we always know what is going on exactly.”

Cory Allan
Bar Fridges Australia

That’s right, real-time updates. If your business has a suitable CRM and is tracking its internal sales process , Voyance can supply a tailor made dashboard that provides full transparency on what your campaigns are doing.

“The biggest value is then that transparency once it comes into our business and the visibility of what’s converting once it comes through the door that we previously didn’t have.”

Ben Reid
Ian Reid Vendor Advocates

Critical information at your fingertips. Ultimate safety through 100% transparency. Proven results that generate outstanding ROI.

Here’s how we would generate these kinds of results for you:


“There are probably thousands of companies claiming to be digital in some way. It’s a minefield. All quoting a plethora of vanity statistics associated with clicks and impressions but very little in the way of sales and profit.

At Darrell Lea, we put our faith in Voyance for a few simple reasons. They get accountability and a return on investment, are refreshingly simple at explaining stuff and creative at developing digital solutions. They also get stuff done without a fuss.

I would recommend anyone talk to Voyance about how they can make a digital channel work harder”

Tim Stanford - Marketing Director,
Darrell Lea

  1. Phase 1:
    Audit of your digital presence and your market to identify what’s possible

    We will review your digital assets, conduct preliminary research into market share potential via online marketing channels, and consult with you regarding your current situation. Available for FREE and with no obligation, right now.

  2. Phase 2:
    Set up campaigns with test and learn cycle to understand CPL/CPA and ROI

    The first thing we’ll do in this Phase is determine the main keywords and search phrases that are related to your business.

    Then we will focus on setting up new accounts for Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook, building new campaigns within those platforms with the results of a negative keyword analysis, and a deployment phase Review and Optimisation cycle of campaigns, search queries, cost per lead and and return on ad spend.

  3. Phase 3:
    Scale the model to maximise your ROI

    Once enough data has been captured for meaningful analysis, we will demonstrate to you what your market share and cost per acquisition targets should be across all digital channels, as well as any other metrics that we think are relevant in support of the best ROI for digital marketing we think is possible for you.

We believe that you should be able to get back more money than you spend when you advertise - and that your marketing agency should be able to prove it.

Otherwise, what would you be paying for?


“We have been with Voyance for over six months and in that time our new student numbers have increased threefold. The tracking that we get from Voyance has allowed us to find out about the revenue on investment. Now we can see the return that we are getting and we’re happy with that return, so of course now we’re keen to pursue more growth.”

Rebecca Redfern
Monash Training and Professional Development

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