Why Tracking Is So Important To Your Business

Our experience has shown that many business owners are suffering from a lack of visibility. They are in the dark about the actual number of enquiries or sales that are coming through each platform or campaign of their marketing.

Not knowing what their marketing is truly driving has meant many businesses have made the wrong choices when trying to optimise their marketing strategy. These decisions were made with data that was incomplete, not provided to them or not even tracked.

Voyance were able to help us identify that we were under resourced. We have had to make some changes here so that we can service the extra student demand… The tracking from Voyance has allowed us to find out about the revenue on [our] investment. Now we can see the return that we are getting.

Rebecca Redfern - Director, Monash Training & Professional Developement

Visibility For Your Business

Voyance Insights understands that tracking and visibility are fundamental to making the right marketing and business decisions. This is why we set a high priority on setting up the correct tracking and reporting systems that are tailored to your business.

With real-time dashboards and detailed marketing reports, with the benefits of comprehensive tracking, you are able to identify areas of your business to enhance or adjust to grow your revenue.

When making important business decisions, it is vital to have the right information at your disposal. Using Voyance’s dashboards with real-time marketing and business data, you can confidently drive your company forward.


Now we know how many phone calls we are getting a month and we can break them down into what they are… we never realised exactly how many service calls we do get. It identified to us that we did have to change how we had the joint set up… we really picked up on some sales flaws that we had within the sales staff.

Cory Allen - Owner, Bar Fridges Australia

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How Does It Work?

Month #1: Benchmark

We start off by implementing all of our tracking. Then following 2 weeks of accruing data we are able to benchmark your current cost per lead.

Month #2: Implementation

This is where we implement our previously discussed strategy to reduce your cost per lead and commence accruing data.

Month #3: Analysis

Here’s where we do some deep analysis of a wide array of metrics including listening to all of your phone calls and really understanding your prospects and what’s driving them.

Month #4: Judgement

This is where we re-optimise your campaign based off our deep analysis and overall lower your cost per lead.

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“The value that we have achieved with Voyance is across a whole range of areas. First and foremost being able to access more clients than we were previously… Through social through paid advertising, not wasting money that we were otherwise wasting. The biggest value is then that transparency when it comes into our business and the visibility of what is converting once it comes through the door that we previously didn’t have.”

– Ben Reid, Managing Director – Ian Reid Vendor Advocates

“They have been able to resolve our issues promptly and in a lot of cases give us suggestions for things we hadn’t even thought of doing… We have been with Voyance for over 6 months and in that time our new student numbers have increased threefold.”

– Rebecca Redfern,  Director – Monash Training & Professional Development

“We have probably used, in SEO and that type of thing, over 25 different companies over 15 years. The last three years has been with Voyance and it is the clearest things have been… we find that it is a trusting relationship, emails are always quick, everything’s open book so we always know what’s going on exactly.. we know where we are heading.”

– Cory Allan, Owner – Bar Fridges Australia

“Over a 6 month period, Voyance have delivered exactly what they set out to achieve for us and more such as increase in clicks by 60%, phone calls and emails have increased by 98% and AdWords spend decreased by 25%”

– Ken Rochow & Angela Quigg, Co-Owners, Titan Access & Security

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