Control Your Path to Purchase

Today’s internet users will not hesitate to leave a website or other type of digital asset if the content isn’t relevant to their need. When the average user session on a site is approximately two minutes, your content should be directly in support of your customer’s journey to purchase and also reflect the content of your paid marketing campaigns.

Voyance Insights understands that a digital asset should be far more than just a business card. It should be an integral and active part of your Path to Purchase.

If you need a new website but you’re not sure where to start, here’s how we can help you understand what you need, as well as how we’ll deliver it with a controlled cost structure and full visibility on progression.

Responsive Website Development

How we do it.

  • Consolidate & Centralise

    We will first consolidate and centralise all of your current login credentials for all entities across associated platforms.


    • Analytics Portal
    • CMS
    • FTP
    • Domain Name Accounts / Ownership
    • Hosting

    Then we will establish heat mapping, A/B split testing and user video recording /session recording on your current website.

  • Target Business Objectives

    Once we can demonstrate to you what is working with your current digital assets and what is not, we will complete a scoping workshop with you to understand what your business objectives are from a strategic (brand positioning) and tactical level (path to purchase) and help you design a design scope for us to deliver. If this is your first website, your journey with us starts here as well.

    “When we approached Voyance Insights about our need for a website, we made it clear that we had a fixed budget from the build that we couldn’t deviate from. They worked with us within that scope from day one. And it wasn’t just a case of delivering a substandard product that we could afford. We have a world class platform for our company, but we also have easy to use access to the backend that’s tailored for us.”

    - Ryan Coonan, Director, Veritas Entertainment

  • Deliver The Solution

    With the key messages locked in and dictating that design of your site, Voyance will be ready to start constructing your asset. But this won’t be a scenario where we go away for a few months and then come back to you with a completed project that may or may not match what you asked for.

    When one of our customers orders a website from us, we believe that the following risks are at the top of the list for mitigation:

    • The website won’t match the confirmed aesthetic scope
    • The website won’t match the confirmed functionality scope
    • The website won’t be delivered on time

    We believe that designing, building and delivering a website within a standard ‘waterfall’ framework does nothing to avoid these risks, and in some cases, can increase the chances of those risks coming to fruition. That’s why we will be constructing your website within an Agile project management framework.

    “... what has really been fantastic for us is the intelligence that Voyance were able to build into the back end of those assets. When our customers arrive at those pages, they don’t just see our messaging. We also learn so much about them. We know what they looked at and for how long, what segments made them linger and what they didn’t engage with. They’ve been able to connect which marketing messages brought them to our assets and helped us make truly informed decisions about how to optimise the narrative that we are putting to market.”

    - Tim Stanford, Marketing Director, Darrell Lea

A website broken up into nice,
bite size chunks

In order to effectively project manage the construction of your website, the critical path needs to deconstructed into manageable sizes.

The project will be broken up into three levels: Epics, Stories and Tasks.

“At Artisan, we pride ourselves on our workmanship and that we care more about our customers than those big brands. The website that Voyance built for us shows that they pride themselves on those things, too. We said what we wanted and they delivered it. If something goes wrong, they fix it. If we want to try something new, they’ll support us.”

- Sergio Balmaceda, Managing Director, Artisan PBS

  1. Epics

    Are the high level sections that were listed on your initial quote: Frontend, Backend, Technology and Quality Control.

  2. Stories

    Represent the milestones that need to be done to complete those Epics. A story will never be estimated to take longer than a two week sprint.

  3. Tasks

    Are the stepping stones with a Story that provides resource/time estimates, and indicate progression.

    All of these items are called a Backlog.

Your role as the Product Owner

The Product Owner is invited to participate in these meetings via Google Hangouts. Indeed, if we are depending on you and your organisation to deliver things like authorisations or content, we will ask you how you went with your tasks.

At the end of each Sprint fortnight, we will demonstrate what work has been done in the period. At all times, we will be referring to you to make sure you agree that the work we are doing for you is in scope.

The Project Team will have scheduled meetings in which the items:

Previous Period

What tasks/stories were done in the previous period

Coming Period

What tasks/stories will be done in the coming period

Risks & Roadblocks

What issues or roadblocks are creating delays (if any)

Conversely, if you identify the need to change the scope, we will be able to tell you how that will impact your deadline and your costs so you can make an informed decision.

If you choose to not participate in these Standups and Reviews - that’s fine! But we will be there, every meeting, regardless.

In a nutshell, you will have unprecedented access to the construction of your website, and an integral role in ensuring that the delivery of that website is exactly what you asked for, when you asked for it.

And all it will take is a free Google profile and 15 minutes of your time each meeting.

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