Website Development That Drives Your Business

At Voyance Insights, we specialise in creating beautifully designed websites, both aesthetically and for the user. Our experienced web developers work with you to produce a website that works on any device, is engaging for your users and drive enquiries, meaning it delivers results for your business.

Before we commence any website we sit down with you for a “discovery session” where we talk to you about your goals and objectives for the website and determine the scope to build your proposal.

A Staged Website Development Approach

After the initial discovery session, we split our process into 4 simple stages:

1. Concept & Design

We will meet with you again and talk over your exact requirements and begin designing the front-end interface of your website. Our web developers will provide you with mock-ups of each unique page for your approval before commencing development.

2. Development & Programming

Once the designs are approved we commence developing the website. Typically the home page is developed first, creating the overall shell for the remainder of the website, before inner pages are established.

3. Content Assembly

Following development, the content has to be applied to all the pages, including products, text, imagery, videos and call-to-actions. We will then commence the finishing touches for the UI, including scripts and functionality.

4. Deployment & Launch

The website is then transferred over to a hosting provider that we suggest for optimal performance and cost, ready for launch. After we extensively test and try to “break” the website, we ensure everything is in perfect working order to then re-point the website to your own domain.

Find Out More About Our Process

Discover how each stage of our website development approach is aimed at delivering you the best result for your business.

Customised Websites For Your Business Needs

We custom build websites around your needs. All of our websites include customising the back end to ensure that you have full access and control to make any changes you need as well as making the website as easy as possible to update.

Throughout the deployment process we use website speed tests to ensure our sites perform at their optimal level as well as test all of our websites using in house devices including phones, tablets, mini tablets, laptops and a range of monitor sizes.

We also make sure that all users have the same great experience with your new website, we analyse what browsers your users are using to view your website and ensure that all the browsers are compatible with the final website build.


Just A Little Bit Curious?

Everyone has 5 minutes, call us today on (03) 8797 5511 for a free chat with one of our developers.

“The value that we have achieved with Voyance is across a whole range of areas. First and foremost being able to access more clients than we were previously… Through social through paid advertising, not wasting money that we were otherwise wasting. The biggest value is then that transparency when it comes into our business and the visibility of what is converting once it comes through the door that we previously didn’t have.”

– Ben Reid, Managing Director – Ian Reid Vendor Advocates

“They have been able to resolve our issues promptly and in a lot of cases give us suggestions for things we hadn’t even thought of doing… We have been with Voyance for over 6 months and in that time our new student numbers have increased threefold.”

– Rebecca Redfern,  Director – Monash Training & Professional Development

“We have probably used, in SEO and that type of thing, over 25 different companies over 15 years. The last three years has been with Voyance and it is the clearest things have been… we find that it is a trusting relationship, emails are always quick, everything’s open book so we always know what’s going on exactly.. we know where we are heading.”

– Cory Allan, Owner – Bar Fridges Australia

“Over a 6 month period, Voyance have delivered exactly what they set out to achieve for us and more such as increase in clicks by 60%, phone calls and emails have increased by 98% and AdWords spend decreased by 25%”

– Ken Rochow & Angela Quigg, Co-Owners, Titan Access & Security

True Results

This Is Why Our Clients Stick With Us.

The way we conduct ourselves with you is simple. There are no tricks hidden up our sleeves, our cards are on the table from day one. We simply deliver on what we said we would do, building trust and delivering an honest and transparent service.