Our Story


Who We Are

At the core of our organisation is a belief that we are making real change. We believe transparency and communication in our relationships to be a an integral part of invoking a culture of passionate people.

We’re driven by the idea of things we’ve not yet seen. We have a unique way of thinking. Our teams are made up of specialists in their respective fields who are continually cross-learning their skill sets to become masters of the digital marketing art form.

Our Team


Joel Fuller


Sebastien Morales


Danny Michell

Director Of Strategy

Chris Law

Web & Data Architect

Jarrod Kennett

Web Engineer

An Extension of Your Team

We set out to make our team(s) act and feel as if they’re one of your own. Our success comes from becoming an extension of your team.

“Over a 6 month period, Voyance have delivered exactly what they set out to achieve for us and more such as increase in clicks by 60%, phone calls and emails have increased by 98% and AdWords spend decreased by 25%”

– Ken Rochow & Angela Quigg, Co-Owners, Titan Access & Security

“We know exactly what word this client typed in to get to that number, to then ring us to then buy that fridge. So the transparency there to be able to understand all that from the beginning to the end with a certain word is a really good tool to have.”

– Cory Allan, Owner – Bar Fridges Australia

True Results

This Is Why Our Clients Stick With Us.

The way we conduct ourselves with you is simple. There are no tricks hidden up our sleeves. Our cards are on the table from day one. We simply deliver on what we said we would do, building trust and delivering an honest and transparent service.